Evan Grim


Evan Grim is a musician born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The music he creates is never placed in one genre, but mostly his songs hover around the pop, rock, and hip hop field. His sound is comparable to artists such as Frank Ocean, Tyler, The Creator, and Death Grips. Currently, he just released his debut album "Utopia"  but he has a much bigger picture than releasing that with his upcoming EP "detox."

Grim began his music education in sixth grade when he enrolled in Union High School's percussion course. At first he was only interested in percussion because he "wanted to beat things," but over time he realized music as an influence. He saw it as an artform for people to feel, to learn, and to create their own story. He proceeded to evolve musically rapidly between seventh grade and currently his senior year in high school, and was awarded high ranking positions for percussion such as 1st Chair in Oklahoma's All-State Orchestra his junior year. In fact, his junior year was the time he decided to start creating his own music.

October 19, 2019, Grim was gifted a vision. A vision that depicted the mental struggles of society, and that he has the chance to help as much as possible through music. He decided to start working on an album that will make his vision a reality. The next day he started writing, and for over a year, he is finally prepared to share what he has been working on.

Little by little he will gradually create an immense picture for the mind to view. After his first single he plans to master more of his tracks, and to release another. For more details, follow his social media for frequent updates. For early access to news and special opportunities, sign up to his email list. Also, donate to help him create and share the best sound possible through professional studio productions and worldwide advertisement.